More ask Lungu to clean up judiciary

More ask Lungu to clean up judiciary


The Alliance of Emerging Young Leaders (AEYL) supports call for the restructuring of the judiciary as a way of restoring public confidence in this arm of government.
As a movement of young emerging leaders we believe in the independence and strength of the three arms of government.
We are however gravely concerned about some media reports that allege impropriate about some of the key officers of the Judiciary.
It is critical that the judiciary and the courts in general continue to maintain their integrity.
Any reports that attempt to discredit the judicial independence especially with regard to corruption should be thoroughly investigated by the appropriate wings.
President Edgar Lungu as Head of State however should facilitate for a thorough investigation through a Tribunal to probe all allegations of impropriate at all levels.
As a youth movement we support the structuring of the judiciary as we believe it will restore public confidence in the justice system of our country. As citizens we have the right to be involved in the administration of justice just as much as we question the Executive and the Legislature.

Eric Phiri

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    Chilankalipa 3 weeks ago

    It is amazing how some Zambians can really ask a blind man to cure blindness.

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    UN DIPLOMAT 3 weeks ago

    I support the call for an international Independednt Tribunal, and as a victim of alleged judicial misconduct I reported the allegations to the  Judicial Complainys Commission, the President of Zambia, LAZ, ACC, the Chief Justice, the SADC, AU the UN and auN Security Council . It is unfair what they mad me pass through just because of my UN Dbenedit entitlements,mwhich I know that they have no jurisdiction in calculating and distributing to persons who are not my beneficiaries. I was I formed that three Zambian UN staff members, and I have detected two more, actually induced members of the judiciary, and lawyers to extort and coerce money and belongings from me. Yet I did niot invade any one’s rights . The UN staff members have been fueling such alleged impropriety, icluding my former surbodinates in the Police,mincluding Kakoma Kanganja himself, Elizabeth Mutale Mbewe and others, just because they became envious of the money I was earning at the UN, and the benefits attached to my employment contract. Their other motive was because they stole my job opportunities and forced me into exile, and they killed my daughter just when I joined the UN. So they instead sought of bullying and stealing from me through the judiciary. Which is totally unacceptable. I cannot be paraded before national courts for my UN benefits. They used cadres and underachieved women and prohibited immigrants to manipulate and manufacture lies, which is utterly distasteful. IAs a forensic investigator and crime analyst myself, I really got hurt at detecting alleged judicial misconduct and incompetence, Coersion” collusion and extorting my belongsings NGOs without according me an opportunity to be heard.  I have facts that some respected members of the bench must be suspended , investigated and impeached.  How can they enslave and extort money and belongings from me in several vexatious suits, for over four years. It’s inhuman what they did .  Their Rulings were even influenced by court Marshals who systematically stole documents from the court files and  concealed hearing dates from me. Very annoying is that even when I sued them and teh Attorney General, State Advocates representing the Attorney General  induced Court Marshals Nd acted in collusion with some members of the bench and they removed my suit from the cause list. They delibarately declined to enter d efence but delayed the suit for over 3 years, during which time they attempted to assasinate me by car bashing and assasination by poisoning. LAZ has the primary responsbility of withdrawing the legal practice of the 12 lawyers than to compound their legal mal practice. And I call on all the stake holders, including SADC, to ask  and help President Lungu to convene and international tribunal to investigate the implicated  Judges. It is a fact than UN Benfits cannot be extorted from me, not even through lies and manipulation as they did. I didn’t work for the UN to benefit fraudsters UN staff members who induced their relatives to steal from me through the judiciary. I am calling on the UN Security Council, U. Secretary General, Paul Kagama, Muhamad Fati, President Geinghob and President Lungu himself to look into the allegations and convene and international tribunal to probe the JUdges and lawyers who aided and abetted 3-5 UN staff members and my surbodinates in Zambia Police  to commit racketeering and money laundering acts in my UN b fits, and grossly infringed on my right to live with the dignity I worked hard for. Including my right to life, and those of my chiildren. They now want to steal my house  and make me an internally displaced person. I am asking Janet Rigan to look into this , and provide me with humanitarian protection, aid and resettlement, hence forth. Just b cause I am female, some men all mobbed me and enticed themselves with my achievements and sought of sabotaging me, to the extent of inducing underachieved women . It’s inhuman and unacceptable that they passed such crimes through the judiciary. I need and I want all my money  extorted from me in all those vexatious suits and  I need and sue compensation for all my bell aged belongings and for each day they made me to so Nd without my belongings. How can the judiciary be used as a device to extort UN benefits, and torture and enslave me to extortionist suits and illegally depriving me of my belongings without according me a hearing, and then illegally removing my suit from the cause list. 
    This is war fare and the UN Security Council must look into it and offer me the sprotection and  resettlement urgently. I have survived three poisoning assasination attempts Nd my daughter was killed by it. Don’t leave me behind in all humanitarian assistance and refugee needs. They want to internally displaced and kill me just for lust of my house.  I watched a documentary on TV 1 last night on how China has helped a lot of developments in Africa. This is what Zambian men need to be taught. Not mobbing a women who worked so hard for both Zambia and the Unjted Nations and abusing state machinery and the judicial process to steal fro her. It’s unfair. The poisoning is very disheartening and inhuman. 

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    james Bond007 3 weeks ago

    There’s no need for the Lungu to investigate. He knows what is happening in the Judiciary, he’s just pretending he’s also the beneficiary of corruption in Judiciary. It’s just the matter of time, they will all face the Law.