More Barotseland activists to be arrested

The Zambian government is planning to round up people suspected to be involved in Barotseland self-determination activities.
Intelligence sources have told the Zambian Watchdog that a list of names has already been prepared and sent to Western Province.
‘The move has come after the sentencing of Afumba and his colleagues and now a list of people has been prepared and soon they will be rounded up,’ said one intelligence source.
So far a 55 year old teacher of Livingstone, a Mr Erick Lubasi Akakandelwa has been arrested and was moved to Mongu where he is appearing before the court on a charge of possession of seditious materials.
Akakandelwa was denied bail on Monday on account that he has no fixed abode in Mongu despite the court being aware that he was moved from Livingstone where he lives to Mongu.
Police Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja said among the ‘seditious’ materials found on the suspect was an audio recording of the Barotseland national anthem on his phone, the Barotseland Penal Code Act and Criminal Procedure Code and a soft copy letter warning outgoing President Edgar Lungu not to set foot in Western Province.
Kanganja said the suspect was also found with Bank of Barotseland sample notes (20 Mupu and 50 Mupu).
The list of people to be arrested was handed to Leon Mweemba Ngulube, a former Investigations Officer for Western Province who is now based in Choma. Ngulube coordinated all the arrests of Barotseland activists from 2011 but was recently transferred to Choma for security reasons.
On Sunday 13th March Ngulube was reported to have been on his way to Mongu together with the suspect arrested in Livingstone.

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