More booing awaits Lungu accros the country – Ngoma

MORE booing awaits President Edgar Lungu as he visits other parts of the country because  people are fed up with his administration, says Sinda MMD member of parliament Levy Ngoma.

Meanwhile, Following minister of information Chishimba Kambwili ‘s attempt to refute the fact that president Edgar Lungu was booed and insulted at Heroes stadium, the OP has released this video showing fans booing Lungu and saying ‘wakangiwa’ you have failed.

“People are dying in hospitals because of power outages and there is no one else to blame but the President. It is under his watchful eye that people are being sent to an early grave,” he said. He also charged that the PF would be remembered as a government that promised people heaven on earth in 90 days but instead delivered hell. “Any time that an election is called, whether today or tomorrow or 2016, it’s very clear that the people are very fed up with this management. Twachula pafula (we have suffered enough]. PF before they got into power, the [kwacha] rate to a dollar was about K4.5, now it’s almost K11. The currency has depreciated by a hundred per cent. The only message that suits them is the ‘we want change’. I’m privy to the fact that he was booed in Solwezi, that same booing is what awaits him across the country,” he  said. “The economy is not only bleeding but people [are bleeding]. As a result of load-shedding, people are dying in hospitals. There are those people in hospitals that have been put on oxygen, immediately that electricity trips, what happens? That innocent person will die as the situation is here in Eastern Province at Saint Francis Hospital, Nyanje Mission Hospital where people have died as a result of power tripping. So when people are dying, whom are we going to blame? It’s the PF. We must look at the President, we are going to blame the President himself that under his watchful eye, people are being, sent to the grave early.” Ngoma further said the ruling party’s mismanagement of every sector of the country was detrimental to people’s lives. “It is incumbent upon the shareholders of this country to see to it that they fire this management. In very healthy democracies, in very morally upright democracies, inefficiencies like the one exhibited by the PF, they just throw in the towel so that the shareholders are accorded an opportunity to hire a competent management,” he said. “It is very clear that they have let down the shareholders and they are mismanaging the state, they are mismanaging the economy, they are mismanaging Zambia as a whole to the detriment of the shareholders. As far as the load-shedding thing is concerned, I for one does not believe in this story of low water. We have had terrible rainfall patterns in the past but never in the history of this country have we been subjected to this level of load-shedding,” said Ngoma. 

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