Fuel Prices increase tonight

Fuel Prices increase tonight

The ruling PF has again today broken its campaign lies of reduced fuel prices and more money in people’s pockets after an immediate increase in the commodity effective mid-night tonight.

Energy Minister Yamfya Mukanga announced at a press briefing today that prices of diesel will increase by Kr1.63, petrol up by Kr1.75, and Kerosene will be up by Kr1.68 per litre from the current prices effective mid-night tonight.

The increase which was supposed to be effected last week but had to wait for Lukulu and Kapiri Mposhi by-elections, will immediately affect prices of most commodities in the country such as passenger transport fares, mealie meal, and other goods due to cost of production.

This increase also comes a few months before civil servants and other public workers received their increased salaries and conditions of service, a situation that will effectively wipe-out their increments.

Farmers across the country are also starting harvesting the little agriculture produce that survived poor farming in-puts and weather conditions in most parts of the country.

Zesco is also winding-up public hearings and will soon effect new electricity tarrifs.

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