More Chitotela Corruption uncovered

More Chitotela Corruption uncovered

Infrastructure Minister Ronald Kaoma Chitotela is wedded to Corruption

There is preliminary intelligence report on Chitotela developed by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) that was circulated widely to other State Security Agencies in Zambia.

This Intelligence report which was generated in October 2017, details some of important pieces of information and we wonder why the ACC has not concluded their investigations up to now.

The Intelligence report also reveals what companies Mr. Chitotela owns and where he has interest in. Yesterday Thursday April 12. 2018, the News Diggers Newspaper carried a full page advert on Page 5 of the Newspaper advertising Vehicles by a company called RKC Tours and Guide Limited. This company is owned by Chitotela who is the majority shareholder and his son Kunda who is the minority shareholder. Actually the company is operating against the statutory obligations. Limited companies should have minimum share capital of 15000 and not 5000. This company is listed among six other companies in the Preliminary Intelligence report by the ACC. The Catch. If you read the advert, Chitotela says among his many clients, is the Ministry of Works and Supply.

Until the recent creation of the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure, Chitotela was Minister of Works and Supply. This is also the Ministry that procures all government vehicles before distributing them to other Ministries. We can ask some questions here. 1. When was the advert placed by the Ministry of Works and Supply asking for companies to supply second hand vehicles? Does government buy second hand(Dot.Com) vehicles? If yes why wasn’t the tender advertised so that many Zambians with such businesses can participate.

Did Chitotela supply these vehicles to the Ministry of Works and Supply before he left or after he left? What was the price for these vehicles and how many where they? Did the Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) give authority for the purchase of second hand vehicles? The last time the government procured second hand vehicles was under late President Michael Sata when Lusaka businessman James Chungu commonly known as Jimmy Fingers supplied second hand Toyota Mark 11 to the Ministry of Defense and the Auditor General questioned the procurement though Jimmy Fingers was never taken to task like in many other deals. Our source at the Ministry of Works tells us Mr. Chitotela supplied these vehicles to the Ministry of Works and Supply when he was incharge of the same Ministry at an inflated price. It is not this publication that has said Chitotela supplied these vehicles. He has revealed it himself through the advert though we are 100 percent sure he did not know that we have had this information for sometime. Did Chitotela declare interest in this procurement. This is pure Abuse of Authority of Office and the Ministreal Code of Conduct should kick in.

A tribunal should be set up to investigate Mr. Ronald Chitotela’s conduct. We think we have helped the moribund ACC with enough information to write to the President to have Chitotela suspended as investigations kick in. The Preliminary Intelligence report was prepared by ACC itself. Proof of ownership of RKC Tours and Guide Limited is available at the Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA).

So what other information does the ACC want? We are available to help the ACC here again. Just summon the head of procurement at the Ministry of Works and Supply, former Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Works Charles Mushota who is currently at Infrastructure where Chitotela is Minister and the Directors at ZPPA. What will come out if they are honest is that Minister Chitotela abused his authority of office by single sourcing his company to supply second hand vehicles to his Ministry at an inflated price without declaring interest. Here is the evidence President Edgar Lungu and the ACC have been asking for. It has been provided by Chitotela himself. What Chitotela is doing now by advertising those vehicles is to launder the money he gets from contractors especially Avic International. RKC Tours and Guide Limited is the company that has single handedly been offering car hire services to all visiting dignitaries including heads of States when this is supposed to be done by Ministry of Foreign Affairs. To you ACC, we are aware that you photographed some vehicles parked at Chitotela’s residence and discovered that some vehicles are not registered. The reason is simple, some of those vehicles come from his friends to be hired to government through Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As for those vehicles advertised, we doubt if duty was even paid.

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