More civil servants demand salaries

Hide my ID- am a civil servant based in eastern zambia, it is a pity that the PF government has upto today 21/09/2015 failed to give Ceaser wat belongs to Ceaser.(SALARIES) wat could be the problem when we during the late President Sata MHSRIP we could get paid by 16th of Every month. Secondly I Feel Gvt shud increase salaries of civils servants bcoz allthings are expensive.
Thanx Chadiza

Another one wrote:

Please hide my I’d Zambians wake up and realise tht this Edgar Lungu has failed to lead th country! By th close of business today civil servants who usually get paid by 20 haven’t yet received thr salaries! Giving ths man another 5 years in power wil b disastrous! Wisen up n register and vote

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