More condemn Minister Chilufya over death of health worker

More condemn Minister Chilufya over death of health worker

Please post my concern
Don’t you people wonder why a biomedical scientist was transporting COVID19 samples by bus?
With all the donations coming through to help in the time of this pandemic they would say that no government vehicle was available where is the funds going and what is our government’s hidden agenda because transporting bioharzardous material via public transport and then coincidentally gets in an accident sounds suspicious.


Dear editor
My hesrt has bled and still bleeding to see my fellow youth by the name of ian mutambo dying in a road accident cause of recklessness of some selfish individuals who are holding big position,
sitting down i started asking questions like;
1 what if that individual had covid 19 how many people can get infected as he is using public transport and being moving in public any how ? cause looking at how many medical practitioners who has gotten the disease at levy mwanawasa hospital ,who are attending to those who have a disease with proper protection than those in north western province
2 where are government vehicles ? are they telling us that there is no vehicle in the province which is free not even from other departments like police, education or other departments of the government, that they can get and use it for this vital work to do.
3 where are the donations ? we have seen almost every day money and other things being donated but we dont know where they diverting to. puma donated about 2000 litres of fuel where is it that not be used in this noble job where and when it is required more than ever.
4 what if the cooler box containing the test materials was brocken how would it be , we see in some accidents where we find that even metals being damaged what of a simple plastic can it fail to be damaged and the specimen comes out to contaminate people if it where to be postive ….
5 is the government going to compensate the family of the deceased if they cant manage to provide just simple private transportation and if yes how much can they give them?
i think these people they dont mean well to the zambian people, this is being selfish and greedy but one thing that am sure of, is that God is watching.
thank you.


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