More corruption by Atanga at Zambia railways

Dear editor,
The main talk at Zambia Railways among the oppressed employees is that Muyenga Atanga and his technical director Mwanawina went against the recommendations of the tender committee and want to award contracts to some companies even though they didn’t meet tender criteria that all other companies local and oversees were evaluated against.
Unfortunately for them (Muyenga and his brother Mwanawina and the companies that gave them kickbacks), a red flag has been raised and Zambia tender board (Chisenda & Co) is currently looking into the issue. This concerns the tender for infrastructure and permanent way. In some instances, some companies did not even bid for all the items as required by standard tender rules but Atanga created his own rules to suit his corrupters. To add the icing on the cake, it is strange that after Atanga and Mwanawina had met some officials from a south african company in Kabwe, their company name miraculously appeared on the companies to be awarded contracts and won the biggest contract even though they did not qualify as they didn’t bid for all the stuff in a lot. Ask them to deny that they didn’t meet people from a South Sfrican company because we saw them and this is just after the evaluations finished. This is not a claim but fact and some people even took pictures on their phones but are too scared to share.
I am just low level worker in Zambia railways but people are talking. Every gathering at lunch, in restaurants, in the car park and in the toilets, people are complaining. If you want, verify with tender board and they will tell you this is true, the irregularities are there.  Our friends ba ZESCO naba RDA and DBZ have already spent the Eurobond but Atanga is busy spending it on making his house look like a palace while the tender board is sitting on the irregularities but meanwhile the bond is accruing interest to be paid by us the poor citizens. The man (Muyenga) rules by the norm of ‘trust no body suspect everybody’…..even boasting that me I fire. Instead of working, people are just talking about his stupidity and his stooge Mwanawina. The morale has gone from 150% to zero in all railways offices including the guards and cleaners. And if he carries on with his attitude of shooting all of Chirwa ideas, we’re going nowhere because most of the ideas by Chirwa are progressive. Please ba government don’t confirm him because he won’t take us beyond Shenkobo from Livingstone.
ZWD call tender board and Denies Chisenda and his organisation will confirm this what am saying is true and that together with Atanga, tender board are helping Zambia way waste the Eurobond. Government please help us. I’ll keep you posted on the developments.
Thank you.
Name withheld

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