RTSA to sell ‘4 hour driving’ forms, as Mazhandu returns

RTSA to sell ‘4 hour driving’ forms, as Mazhandu returns

MazhanduThe PF government which won on the promise of lower taxes will introduce another cost to bus operators through sell of log sheets for the four hour PSV driving limit to be possessed by every driver in every company.

After signing the Statutory Instrument – SI limiting PSV drivers to four hours driving per day, government through Road Transport and Safety Agency – RTSA will make it mandatory for all PSV drivers to be buying the log sheets from RTSA at a fee between K100 and K200 which shall be signed by their employers whenever they are starting off.

So if one bus operator has 50 drivers, then the company will have to buy 50 of such forms and one driver will always be logged in when he starts off. Already obtaining a PSV drivers’ licence is costly and now with this additional cost, it will be difficult for operators and drivers.

Meanwhile, the accident prone Mazhandu Family Bus Services whose license was suspended is likely to be back on the roads after money exchanged hands. Sources from RTSA and the transport ministry have confirmed that the deal has already been cut and the return may be announced at the same time the SIs will be effected.

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