More details of fake ZICTA expert and his fellow operatives emerge

More details of fake ZICTA expert and his fellow operatives emerge


Choolwe Nalubamba

Choolwe Nalubamba

The Zambia Information Communication and Technology Authority (ZICTA) fake expert Lovemore Cheelo who confessed that he declared fake documents and lied under oath is an Office of the President Special Division informer Zambian Watchdog investigations have revealed.

Cheelo is one of the people who were trained by Chinese security experts at the Office of the President Mapepe training center in Chilanga area.

He spent four weeks at the training center learning how to use the Machine the Chinese experts have installed to block the Zambian Watchdog.

The four weeks training is the only formal training Lovemore Cheelo has undergone. At ZICTA, Cheelo works with a one Cholwe Nalubamba son of Chief Bright Nalumba a Cyber Security Manager. Cheelo and Nalubamba both report to a Mr. Liwanga a senior Intelligence Officer attached to ZICTA.

Among the Directors at ZICTA Cheelo reports to is Mr. Mofya Chisala Director for Corporate Affaiys. Mofya is a PF cadre who was taken to ZICTA on that basis alone and is earmarked to take over as director.

Further investigations reveal that Cheelo and Cholwe Nalubamba are the only ones with a password to some security gadgets installed at ZICTA.

What is very embarrassing to the Intelligence system however is that Cheelo also lied to the system when he was being recruited as an informer because he submitted fake a Curriculum Vitae.

The system recruited him whilst he had already started work at ZICTA. The intelligence recruited him in July 2012.

Cholwe Nalubamba, Cheelo and  Mr. Liwanga are all members of the security team tasked to clamp down on the Zambian Watchdog together with an Assistant Commissioner of Police in-charge of Police Intelligence a Mr.Kunda,

Mr. Anderson Mbawe Assistant Commissioner in-charge of Intelligence at Drug Enforcement Commission and a Mr. Mwale a Deputy Director Information Technology at the Office of the President.

George Chella President Sata’s special advisor for Press and Public Relations also attends meetings at times.

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