More details on rigging: State House website manager Kunda brought it

More details on rigging: State House website manager Kunda brought it

Kunda Mwila

Kunda Mwila

More details have emerged on how the PF will try to rig the presidential by-election set for Tuesday, January 20, 2015.

Sources from the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) have hinted that an ICT company, Click Technologies, run by Kunda Chinnyanta Mwila has been engaged to rig the elections using the electronic voter transfer system.

“This electronic system has just been introduced because they want to rig. We have been directed to give the contract to Kunda Mwila and this guy is a known PF cadre.

“The idea is that when the results are being transmitted to the totaling centre they will be tampered with by Kunda by increasing the numbers in favour of the PF candidate,” revealed the source.

The source also revealed that out of desperation the PF had also sent Kelvin Fube Bwalya (KBF) to South Africa on a mission to print more ballot papers.

Meanwhile the UPND anti rigging unit has risen it antenna and are monitoring both Kunda Mwila and KBF.

Kunda Mwila who office is in North mead is always drinking at Nena lodge on Bwjnjifumu road.

Kunda Mwila a former employee of Zamnet is a computer specialist who however studied mass communication at the University of Zambia.

During the Rupiah Banda regime and partly late Michael Santa’s government Kunda used to run the State House website. It is not clear if he has stopped running the State House website.

On Saturday, the Watchdog revealed the PF rigging machinery set up at Samora Machel ZAF base in Mbala for rigging Tuesday’s presidential by- election is ready.

The announcement by the Electoral commission of Zambia (ECZ) that the vote results would be transmitted electronically from the 150 constituencies is part of the rigging scheme.

The results that will be transmitted from the constituencies will first go to Xavier Chungu’s facility that has been put up at Samora Machel ZAF base in Mbala where they will be doctored before being forwarded to Mulungushi in Lusaka. It is not clear if the ECZ is officially part of the rigging or just some officials in the electoral body.

Intelligence sources have revealed that a second facility has been set up at Lamya House in Lusaka while the third facility is at Mutomena deep in Western Province.

As of today (Saturday) they are giving voters cards and national registration cards to former Angolan refugees at Mutomena.

The Zambia Army has a camp at Mutomena where Edgar Lungu had gone to visit troops when he was acting as president.

‘If they are not stopped people in Western Province will be shocked when the results come because they will not know who voted for Lungu,’ said one intelligence source.

The PF has also solicited the help of Kenyan IT experts who have been in the country for the past six weeks and one of them is called Joseph.

The intelligence sources have indicated that another option will involve the announcement of results in areas where Lungu will be leading and then the PF will cause violence that will be blamed on the opposition.

‘They will announce results from areas where Lungu will be leading then they will cause violence on a scale never witnessed in Zambia to a point where ECZ will have to stop announcing results, Lungu will then go to court and argue that he has won the election,’ said one intelligence source.

And the Watchdog has established that Western intelligence services are aware of the system that the PF has put up to rig the elections and are closely monitoring the situation.

They have since advised that those in anti rigging teams should not lose sight of Xavier Chungu and ZAF Commander Eric Chimese from now till the election process is over.

Chimese and Chungu are responsible for the death of former ZAF Deputy Commander Muliokela who died in a plane crash after he was poisoned by the two who suspected him of having a soft spot for the UPND.

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