More details on why Chilubanama was fired emerge

More details on why Chilubanama was fired emerge

image image image imageMore information on why State House Permanent Secretary Emmanuel Chilubanama was illegally fired has emerged. Chilubanama, Keizer Zulu and Amos Chanda have been getting stashes of money in the name of forged President Edgar Lungu from various businesses both within and outside Zambia but they never shared equitably with the boss Lungu himself.

OP sources have revealed that Keizer Zulu might the next to be fired but Lungu is afraid of effecting the dismissal now until after the election petition as he fears Keizer Zulu can reveal alot of the rigging matrix they did for Lungu.

” Lungu used the attack on Andrew Kamanga as a pretext for dismissing Chilubanama. Besides Andrew Kamanga is former President Rupiah Banda’s nephew and you know how Lungu fears Rupiah Banda. But the real reason is that alot of money in US dollars and deals were being collected and entered in the name of Lungu himself but these boys never gave the boss what was really due to him. It’s a question of not having shared the money equitably. Even the money they made from the printing of ballot papers in Dubai based Alghuraair Printing and Publishing Plc was not properly shared as Priscilla Isaacs and Judge Chulu with these boys got a large share than they gave their boss Lungu who also wanted a bigger chunk,” an OP source revealed.

Sources also revealed that the group has

been spying onLungu himself by tapping his mobile and State House numbers for unknown motives, including acquiring videos of Lungu when he is with miscellaneous women in private.

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