More dirty deals by Chief Shakumbila exposed


The PF government should take keen interest and quickly address the massive sale of huge tracts of land being perpetrated by Patrick Chibamba trading as  Chief Shakumbila and his conman Josi Simuyi of Ministry of Finance. Patrick Chibamba  is working with Jose Simuyi, a very corrupt dark complexioned man with a long nose from the Ministry of Finance who has a link at the Ministry of Lands for fraudulently obtaining title deeds.

2 1This Josi Simuyi appears abnormal and this can be traced to his late father, who committed suicide after having sex with a dog. He fraudulently obtained title deed in Shaputu Village using his corrupt links at Ministry of Lands and without shame, he is vigorously defending his wrong actions as if there is an element of truth in it. Simuyi was illegally again given another piece of land in Shachele area as payment to use his corrupt links at Ministry of Lands to process title deeds for another infester Shanta Ltd whom this Chief has sold some huge piece of land. He (Chief) was given K250 million and a Toyota Land cruiser by Shanta Ltd and is now forcing villagers to relocate but they have refused as they have nowhere to go. The people have nowhere to farm as this investor is ploughing even in their yards. See pictures below showing part of land sold.

They are now trying to bribe the owners of these houses in pictures with some meagre Kr 700 per household to vacate the place which the villagers are now refusing but he has even bought a house and vehicle for his girlfriend in Kabwata. Even their animals have nowhere to graze. Look at these stranded animals that need to relocate:

It is because of these land scams that he (Chief) is now sweet talking the PF government by promising to deliver Shakumbila Chiefdom to the PF. Is he going to deliver an empty Chiefdom? He is always at Arcades Shopping Mall with Josi Simuyi looking for land buyers. And it seems the man can’t change. Immediately after the court session of 14th, 15th, and 16th May, 2013, he started organising some unscrupulous businessmen of Indian origin to purchase a huge piece of land in Kayanze and Sugar Villages.

On Saturday, 1st June, 2013, he was supposed to collect bags of money for the offer but he avoided because he was tipped by the District Commissioner of Mumbwa, a Mr. Shamabanse, that people are following his moves. It appears this District Commissioner is enjoying the proceeds with this thief.  Chibamba has been given a Nissan Patrol vehicle (red in colour) while his Secretary, Noel Shichoonda, has been given a Regius bus.

On 4th June, 2013, villagers in Myooye, where Noel Shichoonda comes from, took the law in their hands and pounced on the new REGIUS vehicle and broke all the windows. The man failed to come out of his house for fear of being killed.

People are now annoyed with this chief (thief) and his crooks Josi Simuyi and Noel Shichoonda because they have taken them (people) for granted.

The District Commissioners for Mumbwa and Shibuyunji are aware of this rampant selling of land by this chief and we therefore expect the government to stop this man’s evils. Honourable Professor Nkandu Luo, where are you when all these things are happening? Is it because he is promising to deliver the chiefdom to PF? The best way to describe the situation in Shakumbila Chiefdom is that, people are under captivity. Please, this man (Chibamba) is turning the Chiefdom into an ‘animal farm.’ This man does not even qualify to ascend to the throne. He forged many documents including the family tree which he denied in court, pretending that  someone else wrote and took it to Mumbwa District Council. This man is a devil who believes in charms as he is seen moving with a witchdoctor in his vehicle.

He has become so pompous that he has even stopped the police from arresting his HIV+ son who defiled a step daughter. His son Mwaaze Chibamba, 35, who is HIV+ defiled a step daughter, a grade 7 pupil who is 13 years old. According to family members of the wife, the man, through the influence of his father, has just been told to pay a sum of KR2 000 of which KR1500 has already been paid to the family without the knowledge of the real father to the girl. The Chief has threatened to sort out whoever is going to leak the information to the police. He is boasting that even if the matter is reported to the police, the case will go nowhere because he has money to bribe the officers and most of them are his friends in Mumbwa. Mwaaze(who is a son of Chief Shakumbila) is said to have done it for sexual cleansing after he got advice from a witch finder. Please, we are appealing to the relevant authority, especially FAWEZA, to quickly investigate this matter as the poor girl needs help and she has since run away from the house. This is egregious. Selfish men should not be allowed to destroy mothers of tomorrow. Let this monster be caged.

Patrick Chibamba (alas Chief Shakumbila) seems to be haunted by his own life. Four years ago, one of his sons committed suicide after stealing maize. He (Chief) was a cattle rustler for many years until he joined politics.

At the moment, he and his Secretary, Noel Shichoonda are organising to sell another piece of land belonging to Chibolela village.

Advice to Noel and Chibamba: if you have children, where do you think they will live when you die? Please don’t just look at your small stomachs. There is life beyond your ego. God will punish you one day and it will not be long. Even your own children are complaining. We know you are bullet proofs for any advice, but remember; whatever goes up must come down. The population is growing and people need land. Haven’t you read what Multhus Robert wrote:  the population of humans grow geometrically, while resources grow arithmetically? Lastly, we need accountability for the money donated to the Ikubi lya Loongo by our hardworking people you have been robbing. We are disgusted by your insatiable appetite for money.

Concerned member of Shachele Village. JMK

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