More doctors imported to prepare Sata for independence celebrations

More doctors imported to prepare Sata for independence celebrations

Some more medical experts have been brought into the country from Israel, South Africa, United Kingdom, and India to beef-up the South Korean medical doctors that are currently treating president Michael Sata in preparation for the 50 years jubilee celebrations and to basically keep him alive.

And Sata has not been reporting to work from the time he returned from his botched trip to New York, where he collapsed in a hotel and failed to deliver his speech, despite carrying an entourage of close to 40 people that included a number of medical personnel.

Highly placed sources from inside State House revealed that the teams of two doctors from each of these countries who came in last week are the ones that have been treating Sata each time he went to each of these countries.

“Its like there was an attempt to evacuate him to Israel again, but for security reasons and instability in the PF government, it was decided that all his personal medical doctors be mobilised and brought into the country. Two high-class medical experts specialised in various fields have been brought in from each of these countries. They charge the Zambia government hourly rates through a special Office of the President (OP) Special Division account. Its quite a lot of money and they are staying in five star hotels in Zambia”, a source has disclosed.

Sources say the cost of treating Sata is worse than what the Zambian government paid Malawian judge Lovemore Chikopa who was paid lots of money for doing nothing in the country.

And State House sources have revealed that Sata has not been reporting to work since returning from New York where he collapsed and needed an emergence attention by State Department doctors.

Sources say more ‘barriers’ have been put around Sata and only Defence and Justice Minister Edgar Lungu and Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda occasionally see him.


“The boss has been unwell. What happens is that every morning, the wife Christine Kaseba goes to his office, and collects urgent correspondence that need his (Sata’) signature. Kaseba actually sits in the president’s office and opens most of the correspondence. She then decides which ones should be taken to Nkwazi house, the presidential residence, and gives Sata to act on them. The rest she leaves it for Finance Minister Chikwanda who reports in the afternoon in the president’s office to act. Edgar Lungu also occasionally meets the President for party and national security issues. But even those meetings are too brief and half the time the president is absent minded,” a source disclosed.




Sources say Sata did not even look at the 2015 national budget presented by his uncle Chikwanda last Friday, as should have been the case.

“Ordinarily, budget meetings last long hours during cabinet meetings, sometimes up to the early hours of the next day. But that was not the case again this year, and some ministers were equally shocked with the budget provisions because they had no input in it. For example two weeks ago, Chikwanda came to State House and wanted to brief Sata about some urgent and serious national issues. But he just left without briefing him because he felt the condition was not good enough to stress the president with national challenges,” sources revealed.

Sata has been having medical challenges from his days as an opposition leader.

The situation has worsened in the recent past and he was recently forced to open parliament where he failed to read the written speech after collapsing just outside the Speaker’s office.

His voice is completely distorted from the one Zambians knew during his days as a master of telling lies to the gullible nation that believed his 90 days promise of a heaven on earth in Zambia.

If Sata becomes incapacitated, ceremonial vice-president Guy Scott will automatically take over for 90 days. Scott is the current presidential candidate for the evil cartel or ‘A team’ as they call themselves.

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