More expose North PS Mwamba’s bad conduct

Dear Editor,

I was very glad to note that someone has decided to expose Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba the PS for Northern Province in your today’s edition of Zambian Watchdog.

First, I must state that I do not believe that whatever Emmanuel Mwamba is doing has the blessings of His Excellency the President Micheal Sata. I am of a reasoned judgement that Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba is just doing all his evils just to please the PF government as an adopted child of the PF. Recently Mwamba was in MMD and was actually rejected by the people of Northern Province when he was appointed as Permanent Secretary for Northern province under the PF government.

This has caused some divisions in the PF as Emmanuel Mwamba has recruited an ex-convict namely Mr. Monday Bwembya and another rejected politician Mr. Nathan Ilunga as his advisors at the expense of the PF secretariat officials like Mr. Chisanga who have served the Party without reserve. The duo has misled Emmanuel Mwamba into targeting government officials at Kasama Nursing School where the Principal Mr. E. Muulu has been suspended for allegedly not recruiting students from the Northern province into the nursing.

It is not a secret that Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba has earlier this year called for a meeting where he instructed all college principals to start recruiting only candidates from Northern Province in their colleges but Mr. Muulu was among those who rejected this directive and told Mr. Mwamba that government colleges had guidelines to follow when recruiting candidates. This challenge put Mr. Muulu in problems which led to his indefinite suspension from work.

Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba has instructed police to find or create an offense against Mr. Muulu and he has sent auditors three times to try and audit Mr. Muulu in the quest to fix him.

Another officer from Anti-Corruption Commission has been on suspension since January 2012 after Mr. Mwamba and his henchmen used his close friend to set him up by depositing a cheque of K15 million which was supposed to be returned to the officer after the payee had opted to collect cash instead of depositing the cheque.

They later deposited the cheque which despite the officer  stopping the cheque from being paid at Barclays Bank, the police under the instruction of Emmanuel Mwamba arrested the officer and ensured that his arrest was made public to all media houses.

I will not comment much on this matter because up to date it is still in court.

However, what is not before court is the fact that, Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba and this officer differed when the officer tried to stop him from unilaterally awarding contracts to his henchmen, Mr. Monday Bwembya and Mr. Nathan Ilunga. This is alleged to have happened at Kasama Lodge in Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba’s room where he was lodging.

This matter was reported to Anti-Corruption Commission by the officer and the Anti-Corruption wrote to Mr. Mwamba instead of investigating him. This prompted Emmanuel Mwamba to go after the officer with all he had to finish him up. This information is very much available in the corridors of Kasama and the officer is just staying at his home.

Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba has been victimizing a lot of government officers more especially at Kasama General Hospital where his henchmen can easily go to castigate officers whenever one of the cadres complains to them.

Recently a cadre went to the hospital after one of the cadre employees Mr. Job Mumbi ( the one they used to set up the officer from ACC) reported that his supervisor had insulted the Minister of Defense Mr. Geoffrey Mwamba.

A PF cadre just went straight to the registry where he insulted the supervisor and later went straight to the local community radio station( Radio Mano) to report.

Management at the Kasama General Hospital are now scared to take disciplinary action against Job Mumbi a general worker who has become so powerful after being used by Emmanuel Mwamba. Mr. Emmanuel Mwamba has even lifted the suspension of a Mr. Remmy Kabali a close friend to Job Mumbi who was arrested by police for theft of money from Kasama Nursing School. This matter was reported to Anti-Corruption Commission but officers there are very scared of Emmanuel Mwamba after what he is doing to their colleague.

Government officers are so scared of Emmanuel Mwamba’s underhand methods such that they cannot even take decisions on their own. He has become the investigator, arresting officer, prosecutor and adjudicator of cases of officers who try to oppose him.

Emmanuel Mwamba has been suspending government officers without following procedures and all senior officers who are not from Northern province have been earmarked for transfers from the province. State prosecutors have been warned that if they lose any case he takes to police they will face his wrath of which the minimum is transfer to a rural district.

I could go on and on but for the sake of time. I will just leave it to other oppressed government officials to continue reporting. Let me just also mention that Mr. Mwamba has been flouting tender procedures without regard to the law. This information is readily available even within the PF ranks who have requested for his removal from the province.

If the president Mr. Micheal Chilufya Sata does not remove this man from the province, Northern Province will see no development and the PF will lose the popularity it has enjoyed in the province. The president should also warn Mr. Mwamba to desist from going to Radio Mano every time he receives a report without verifying it. He is media excited so he should go back and become a spokes-person for PF and not head of government in the province.

Watchdog please help us get rid of this adopted son of the PF before he ruins the province for us!

If you need to hear more just come to Kasama. People are ready to talk!

Concerned Kasama Resident.

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