More in Sesheke faint after police attack

More in Sesheke faint after police attack

PF and their police hit Sesheke residents

hard for refusing to attend their rallies

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    PF violence indicates party’s down fall. one day they will be completely ground; let them ask Rupiah Banda and MMD violence. Zambian people are clever and are busy watching what they are doing.Diplomatically; Police officers are now full time cadres and civilian cadres who have joined police reserve are worsening situation.

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    What changes when one is trained as a policeman surely they stop thinking or what really goes on I need a lecture to understand what makes one act like an animal. is it the reasoning or its mere human foolishness cause these cops know that what they are doing is wrong. You can do all that stupidness to protect ones illegal injoyment and unconstitutional wanting to oppress others with a wish to remain in power. Guys in uniform wake up you are used and nothing will come your way, the job you have its not ECLs but the state weather he goes you ‘ll still be employed. Act for zambia not individual no.

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    Break News 1 week ago

    You can—and should—report human rights abuses. Even if they are not prosecuted, publicity or the prospect of an investigation can have a restraining effect on the perpetrators.
    List the specific Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that have been violated.
    State the facts, as far as possible in chronological order.
    Include the date, time and place of the incident(s); name and position of the perpetrator(s); place of detention if applicable; names and addresses of any witnesses and any other important details.
    Organizations to report to:
    Amnesty International
    Human Rights Action Center
    Human Rights Watch
    Children’s Defense Fund
    Other organizations eg ICC, EU, USA, UK govts