More jobs taken away from Zambians

More jobs taken away from Zambians

Minister’s decision to give monopoly of number plate printing to a foreign company is absurd!!

“What happens to local companies like Phil, Sign Shop and Metalic companies that produce vehicle number plates?

If the decision to give the manufacturing of new number plates in this country to a foreign country was orchestrated by a young, educated, exposed Brian mushimba then as young man am worried were we going to take this country!

How does the entire cabinet sit and accept mushimba’s proposal to give a foreign company to make number plates? can’t they feel ashamed that cabinet can give a foreign company to manufacture number plates? we have sign shop Ltd, metallic Ltd, Phil plates Ltd, neon signs etc, all these companies make number plates in this country so what job are they going to be doing now? those workers what are they going to be doing?is this deal bordering on corruption?has someone gotten a cut from this deal?PF lets be serious we are a pro poor party incase we have forgotten,why are we taking jobs from our people?there’s no employment in this country but even the little jobs we have our own government are taking them away from our people!

Cabinet should be seriously be sitting in that meeting to protect its citizens, to create tangible employment for its citizens not political rhetoric, how do we even defend our party and government on such decisions? these number plates even borders on the security of this nation! no wonder you even find civil servants with questionable citizenship have positions in ministry of home affairs departments because we lack seriousness! Zambia is for Zambians, Zambia will only be developed by us zambians not foreigners, please we are asking our government to give us an opportunity to be part of developing our mother Zambia!we have the energy to be part of this process!


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