More lies on Baobab land exposed, Rupiah, Sakwiba major shareholders

More lies on Baobab land exposed, Rupiah, Sakwiba major shareholders

Former president Rupiah Banda uses the name Peter Phiri in his ownership of shares in Bantu Corporation, the company that corruptly acquired ‘Baobab land in Makeni from his regime.

Meanwhile, the Managing director of Bantu Corporation Mohammed Salama has lied that Sakwiba Sikota has no shares in Bantu Corporation. Salama also claims that the Supreme Court has cleared the corruption allegation surrounding the way Baobab land was acquired.

Reacting to revelations by the Watchdog that corruption allegations and controversy around Baobab land in Makeni have continued hindering the development of the prime land, Mohammed Salama also shamelessly disowned his partner Sakwiba Sikota.

After reading the article, Salama sent the following email:

‘Firstly we have settled the corruption allegations till the Supreme Court level. Rupiah Banda has nothing to do with any of my businesses or company’s he is merely an ex-client Mpundu Trust flats and a very close family friend since 1964. I never involved him or asked him for any favors nor will I do so. Some people are proud and will not demean themselves for a favor from a politician.

Second please send cameramen to the site to take photographs to show that 4 buildings are being built since December 2014 when we settled the Supreme Court issue.

Third, I enjoy very good relations with Saki and I doubt anything could spoil this relationship. Please note Saki is my lawyer not my partner he owns nothing in Bantu or Flame. Please do your diligence at PAKRA.

But as these documents from Patents and Companies Registration Agency (PACRA) show, Sakwiba Sikota is one of the main shareholders in Bantu Corporation. If Salama can lie about a simple and easily verifiable issue like ownership of Bantu Corporation, how many more lies has he told?

Bantu Corporation seems to be involved in serious issues.
In the last revelations, the Watchdog reported that former president Rupiah Banda seems to be a shadow shareholder in Baobab. OP sources have now revealed that Banda is actually a major shareholder in Bantu Corporation and is registered using a fake identity Peter Phiri. As can be seen from the PACRA documents, the directors are Mohamed Salama, Sakwiba Sikota, Zaeeed Patel, Moussa Saleh Mohammed, Essa Mohammed Saeed and Peter Phiri.

Of all these directors, only the details of Peter Phiri are fake. All the others including Sakwiba Sikota have put their real National Registration Numbers or Passport Numbers and residential addresses. But Peter Phiri’s NRC is missing. What appears as the passport number is clearly fake as Zambian Passport numbers start with ZN. His residential address just says plot 259 Ngwerere. The OP says this is the fake name Rupiah Banda uses.
What is interesting is that all the other directors apart from

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