More lies: PF says will recruit 5000 teachers, has recruited 5000

Government says it is planning to recruit 5 000 new teachers who will be deployed to various schools across the country next year to improve the pupil-teacher ratio.

This is the same government that maintained the wage and employment freeze in the 2015 budget that has been criticised by many people.

Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education Minister John Phiri says government plans to recruit 5,000 teachers next year to address the pupil teacher ratio challenge.

Phiri says the recruitment of the teachers will also include teachers for pupils with special needs.

Phiri states that government is keen to transform the education sector by reducing the gap between teachers and pupils.

He said government recently recruited one thousand early childhood education teachers countrywide and that next year the number will be increased.

He added that last year government recruited 5, 000 teachers and the recruitment of 5, 000 more teachers next year will go a long way.

The truth is that there is a wage and employment freeze in Zambia. Just last week, the Lusaka city council decided to casualise all positions it filled in the recent past.

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