‘More loans before exhausting Eurobond’

  • Before the country could finish using the USD650 Eurobond.
    The International Finance Corporation has issued a K150m (USD28.4m) bond to support domestic capital markets and increase access to local currency finance to Zambia.
    I dont need to be a financial expert or an economist or have big eyes to see that we are headed for trouble again.It seems we cannot build on the good achievements of the late president Levy Mwanawasa (M.H.S.R.P),his team and the debt relief campaigners who released the nation from the debt yokes which nearly choked us to till death,we are now headed for the same if not worst times.
    The next generation especially the governments may be headed for hard times to reverse the trend. But the question is what can us citizens do about this,is there any law that limits excessive borrowing in this country,is this the meaning of being peaceful??

    Mwiya Mwendende

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