More money in whose pocket?

The government is surely planning to remove both extra duty allowance and retention allowance from the public service workers.Sure,do you call this more money in the pocket? Whose pocket any way?We were promised a lot of things and large perks by the current government  and Michael Sata.

They have increased salaries by 15% but then how can they want to remove extra duty  allowance which is 20% of the Basic Salary  and retension allowance which is 25% of the basic salary.What is the logic of of all of this?

Look at this,Housing allowance has increase by 20% of the Basic salary but when you deduct the existing allowance,the increment ranges from K120,000 to about K250,000 for some people.This arrangement will only please those with large salaries such as the ministers,PS,DC,Directors and not us on the tail who do donkey work and have to live in a ramshackle.

In Lusaka decent housing ranges from K750,000 to K1,500,000per month.The PF government increase which they had vigorously promised goes up to K431,000 which means we either have to live in a ramshacke or borrow even more to live humanly.

Again what is 10% transport allowance after removing 25% or 20% allowance from my salary?

Is this what you called more money in the pocket


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