More NRDC land sold

 The Natural Resources Development College(NRDC) land reserved for practicals has been sold. A source at the Ministry of Agriculture has disclosed that the land along Kasisi/ Ngwerere road had been subdivided into residential plots and sold off by Patriotic Front Lawyer Germano Kaulungombe.

“The excuse the government is giving for selling NRDC is that of having no land for practicals. That is not true. NRDC had land along Ngwerere road that road which comes from Kasisi through Ngwerere to the Kabwe road. It was reserved specifically for NRDC practicals,” the source said.


former Commissioner of Lands Barnaby Mulenga who is also a cousin to Lawyer Kaulungombe and currently Permanent Secretary at Labour reposessed the land from NRDC and subdivided it and engaged the cousin to sell mainly to PF cadres.

The trend has continued under the current Commissioner of Lands Wifred Muma. ” For once can someone be arrested for this. We are now selling a College because someone grabbed land from the college. Note that this is a sale not a lease as government would want us to believe because a lease of 99 years is as good as a sale,” the source said.


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    we see, talk and do nothing. I repeat, we see, talk and do nothing. Let me congratulate the patriotic Zambians who are bringing these evil acts on the surface. It is sad, the senior citizen like KK the former President who by God grace is still alive is quietly watching the country being stiped off of these assets which they fought for. If he was dead one would say this generation has no history. Look at EFF in South Africa is led by Julius Malema, together with DA Muss Maimane, they have put Jacob Zuma and so much pressure to a point that he is breathless. Zambia, street vendors, marketers, and the youth who are jobless, you are watching things fall apart, live by one or no meal in a day while ECL and his children stealing natural resources including the destruction of national colleges. wooh, I love this, by the time you wake up you will finds that even your pants are sold

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    Kulobone 2 weeks

    When these stupid PF idiots were campaigning, they were telling their supporters that HH had sold off all mines and pocketed the money. Today the same fools are robbing and stripping Zambia naked through illegal sale of our proprties all over. What we need to do is to all go on streets and demand their exit from government. South Africa has and is doing that. All thivies must go to jail and all stollen property repossessed.

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      Mumbi 2 weeks

      Even if you do so, there will be next army of thieves coming. It is a never ending story. It can only end if there is nothing left to steal.