More old people drafted into committee drafting constitution

University of Pretoria law professor Michelo Hansungule and Professor of law at Cornell University in the United States Muna Ndulo have been drafted into the technical committee which is drafting the constitution.
Spokesperson of the technical committee Simon Kabanda said the two professors are among local and international experts the committee has identified to contribute to the constitution-making process.
Some of the experts who have been written to include retired Chief Justice of South Africa Justice Chalskerson, Professor Chuma Himonga, Dr Chaloka Beyani and Mrs Gladys Mutukwa.
The others are Lusaka lawyer John Sangwa, Mrs Eness Chiyenge, former Chief Justice Mathew Ngulube and Justice Frederick Chomba.

Kabanda however did not explain exactly what these new entrants will do and if they will also be paid like those appointed by president Sata.

He did not say whether they will be proof readers or will do exactly what the original team was sworn to do.

Hansungule teaches mainly civil or Roman type of law which is different from the Common law which Zambia follows.

Most of the new entrants are old people.

Kabanda said the technical committee will produce the first draft Constitution by the end of February 2012, following comments from local and international constitutional law experts.
He said in March and April 2012, the Technical Committee will prepare and adopt guidelines for provincial conventions and facilitate provincial and sector group conventions and will print and translate the first draft constitution into seven major Zambian languages and braille and publish it during the first week of April  2012.
Kabanda said the Technical Committee will facilitate the national constitution convention during the first week of May, 2012 and will produce the final draft constitution after taking into account comments from the national convention and the constitutional law experts.
He said the final draft constitution is going to be the document on which the Constitution of Zambia Bill will be based.

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