More on Huawei, ZTE and PF corruption; Huawei is a spy agency for China

More on Huawei, ZTE and PF corruption; Huawei is a spy agency for China

ZTE and ZICTA officials after one of their 'operations'

ZTE and ZICTA officials after one of their ‘operations’

Highly placed Chinese and Zambian government security services have revealed that the Chinese company Huawei Technologies that did most of the dirty work of blocking the Zambian Watchdog and later installed email monitoring devices was also awarded the multi-million US dollar contract through single-sourcing for the services.

Sources have disclosed that, while Zambian stakeholders have raised serious corruption allegations involving another Chinese company ZTE for being single-sourced in the awarding of the corrupt USD210 million CCTV for Lusaka as reward for blocking the Zambian Watchdog, Huawei Technologies were also corruptly awarded a contract to block critical websites and are now involved in mobile phones email monitoring against Zambian citizens.

“In fact, the biggest devil in Zambia democracy now is Huawei Technologies because for your own information, this company is a Chinese military and secret service wing of the Chinese government. Currently this company is banned from operating in America and other major Western Nations. You can investigate further if you wish”, sources have disclosed.

Sources have disclosed that Huawei, which is a Chinese Military wing company also produces phone handsets that are already installed with monitoring devices and these phones are actually banned in America and other Western Nations.

As if anyone expects them to admit, Huawei have since posted on some website denying the allegations saying they are merely committed to being a responsible long-term investor as well as a responsible taxpayer, employer, and corporate citizen.

In one of his very rare sober states of mind and due to sustained pressure, Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu cancelled the contract corruptly awarded to ZTE under his ministry. The beneficiaries of this corruption would have been his Permanent Secretary (PS) Max Nkole, Luapula Province (PS) Chanda Kasolo and the ailing dictator’s son himself deputy Lusaka Mayor Mulenga Sata.

Zambia Watchdog recently revealed that the three thieves working with fellow Chinese conmen in ZTE had inflated the CCTV contract for Lusaka City from USD33 million to USD210 million obviously taking advantage of the ever drunk Minister Lungu.

The contract has since been cancelled and according to Mr. Lungu, the highly compromised Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has already moved in for a cup of tea with the named officials with a view to obviously clear them afterwards, like they have done with most reported corrupt deals under PF.

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