More PF Jerabos arrested over gassing

More PF Jerabos arrested over gassing


Some more Jerabos were yesterday arrested in Chingola over the gassing incidents that rocked the country. Some Jerabos and PF officials are currently on the run.

Among those arrested are PF linked Jerabos known as Tablet and another one going by the name of Top Commander known by locals as Derrick Kabubu.

The arrest of these Jerabos follows intense interrogations of the mastermind Baba Kabaso Mulenga infamously known as Spax Mulenga who is currently in police custody in Lusaka.

Security sources say a special crack unit was formed away from the usual police units that were heavily compromised by key PF officials including Ministers that were involved in the operation.

Insiders say the gassing operations was meant to implicate UPND President Hakainde Hichilema while at the same time undermine the leadership of president Edgar Lungu and have him removed as candidate for the PF in 2021.

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