More police shootings in Sesheke

More police  shootings in Sesheke

That is how it happened in sesheke Maondo ward. Live bullets and Teargas. The most sad side are the little children who are likely to sleep in the bush

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    The Worshipper 1 week ago

    This Violence that the Ruling Party is using should be stopped.  People let’s Rise up and unite against this violence because we are planting a bad seed.  It starts slowly then when it grows we will never be able to control it.  Look at the way Congolese people have died.

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    Muntu Bulyo 1 week ago

    So now Zambian can see that PF is terrorist organization. They will be destroyed. Those who rule by the sword will perish the same way. Ntoni shabo taa.

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    Break News 1 week ago

    You can—and should—report human rights abuses. Even if they are not prosecuted, publicity or the prospect of an investigation can have a restraining effect on the perpetrators.
    List the specific Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that have been violated.
    State the facts, as far as possible in chronological order.
    Include the date, time and place of the incident(s); name and position of the perpetrator(s); place of detention if applicable; names and addresses of any witnesses and any other important details.
    Organizations to report to:
    Amnesty International
    Human Rights Action Center
    Human Rights Watch
    Children’s Defense Fund
    Other organizations eg ICC, EU, USA, UK govts

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    Achi 1 week ago

    Lungs is a very stupid man.

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    Mainza 1 week ago

    What kk, Banda failed to implement; Lungu will, blood and all

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    Tasila 1 week ago

    Stupid mu nene Sesheke pipo please send lightening and limuka kwa police station that Is the only way discipline those stupid policemen teach them a lesson

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    munene 1 week ago

    But what was your small god hh doing in sesheke when he knew that Lungu was in sesheke?