More reject printing of ballots in Dubai

The Zambia Council for Social Development (ZCSD) has demanded that the decision to print ballot papers in Dubai be rescinded.

ZCSD Executive Secretary Lewis Mwape says printing Ballot Papers in Dubai will not be cost effective in all fairness as Stakeholders will need to be flown and lodged in Dubai.

Mr. Mwape says the electoral commission of Zambia (ECZ) has been complaining about resources and thus the organization must exercise prudence in its spending.

He adds that if the decision is not rescinded, the Zambian people will question the motive and this may be the source of conflicts in the electoral system.

Mr. Mwape says elections must be genuine, indisputable and fare from basic important undertakings citing that the insistence and failure by government to guide the public institution to respond to the needs and aspirations of the public will raise a lot of genuine suspicions which can be avoided.

He further states that the ECZ should act in the interest of the people of Zambia.

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