More say grade 9 ICT exams a disgrace

I just got home some thirty minutes ago, 00:30hrs(03/11/2015) to be exact.
I left home yesterday at 19:00hrs on-route to ‘Matero Secondary School’ to check on
what was still keeping my two kid sisters both from ‘St Monica’s Primary School’ who were seating
for their ‘ICT’ practical G9 exams yesterday ic(02/11/2015) at ‘Matero Sec.’
The kids left early and were in school at
06:00hrs, whilest there they were all(300+)
made to wait from 06 – 18hrs(10 – 12hrs)
without food before begining their final
exams in rotating groups of between twenty
and thirty pupils per seating with each paper
lasting 1hr30min on empty stomachs.
Now as earlier mentioned, the kids were from
‘St Monica’ numbering 300+.
Only approximately half that number have
sofar written as at midnight with the last
group from those having finished at midnight
The remaining half are expected to write
theirs today at 10am.
Some schools within Matero are rumored to
have called off the exams all together. The
reasons given for all this ranged from load
shedding, limited computers, and poor
planning in general. So one can only imagine
how worse things are in the rural outskirts.
This is all down to poor planning and even
poorer implementation from the responsible
These are some of the ills we face from the
visionless ‘PF’.
Vote for substance next year, say no to mediocrity, say no to
visionless hypocrits!

Brian .IK

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