More scandals uncovered at ZAWA

Another scandal has been uncovered at the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) where board members give themselves hunting rights and other contracts with the full knowledge the minister of Tourism Sylvia Masebo.

In this investigation, it has been revealed how some directors in a private company that runs a private game park also sit on the ZAWA board and issue hunting licenses.

According to Watchdog investigations, Timothy Mushibwe a Director in African Parks Zambia Limited, a company that owns the Liuwa National Park in Western Province, sits on the ZAWA board and chairs the committee that grants hunting licenses.

Mushibwe, a former senior partner in Deloite and Touche has since granted African Parks Zambia Limited an exclusive license to hunt in the lake Bangweulu area. This comes at a time when the general public is meant to believe that the Minister of Tourism has banned the issuance of hunting licenses.

According to investigations, Mushibwe is also in the process of helping one of his relatives in partnership with a Chinese investor to get a large scale mining license in the Kafue National Park. Recently, Mushibwe made Zawa to foot the bill for his family on a trip to Livingstone. This also comes at a time when play boy Deputy Minister of Sports Stephen Masumba accosted Zambia Athletics Association President Elias Mpondela for travelling to Russia on official assignment with his partner.

According to investigations, the Minister of Tourism Silvia Masebo new about Mushibwe being an interested party before she appointed him on the ZAWA board as records at the Patents and companies Registration Agency (PACRA ) clearly show.

Other directors in the African Parks Zambia Limited that should not be anywhere near the ZAWA board are Mr. Valentine Chitalu, Agnew Louis, Corry Fynn, Trollip Gregory James Grey, Trollip Wendy Ann, Milupi Charles Lubasi, Kampamba George, Martin Anthony Hall Julian, Edward (Edwin Matokwani, Zambwe Crispin Mowa, Seybert Raquel Filgueiras and Mcintosh Craig.

The other shareholders are the Barotse Royal Establishment which owns shares in trust.

Meanwhile the Zambian Watchdog will in the few days publish the suspected links between the Vice President Guy Scott, Guy Robinson, Masebo, Eunice Mitha, Lain Pearson a Mr. Lishati and many more on how they influence the operations of ZAWA to satisfy their agenda.

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