More than 1500 men circumcised in Chipata

Over 1,500 people have been circumcised at Chipata General Hospital since October 1st , 2010, when the ministry of health JHpiego started a Male circumcision (MC) programme in eastern province.

Chipata General hospital  MC Technical adviser Martha Ndhlovu said , today, that the hospital has received overwhelming response from both young men and older men.

Mrs  Ndhlovu told ZANIS in an interview today that more than 1,500 males have so far been circumcised while about 500 more are expected  to circumcised before the  end of this month. 

 She attributed the increased numbers of people seeking the service to increased awareness among communities on the benefits of circumcision.

 Mrs Ndhlovu that programme which started in Chipata will be extended to  Chadiza, Mambwe, and Lundazi once health centres are equipped and empowered with all the necessary machinery to carry out the operation.

Male circumcision (MC) is recommended for all Zambian males as it reduces risks of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI).

 However, it is encouraged to have this operation at a tender age because the wounds heal quicker when young.

Male circumcision should be encouraged because it also protects their partners from cervical cancer.

The MC Technical Advisor also indicated that the ministry of health is working in partnership with other organisations such as Society for family health, Jhpiego, among others.

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