More than 28, 000 divorces in 2017

More than 28, 000 divorces in 2017

Zambia records 28,000 divorces, Eastern toping the list

OVER 28,000 divorce cases were recorded countrywide last year mainly because of infidelity between spouses.

According to latest statistics from the local court office, Zambia recorded 28,101 divorces across the country’s 10 provinces.

The average age of couples seeking divorce was between 20 and 45 years.

*Eastern Province* had the highest number of divorces, at 5,889.
One of the major causes of divorce in Eastern Province was cruelty between spouses.

*Western Province* recorded the second highest number of divorces at 5,537 with ill-treatment, adultery and conjugal rights disputes being among the major causes.
*Copperbelt Province* had 3,764 cases followed by Lusaka, which had 3,325.

In *Lusaka,* the major causes of divorce included lack of proper marriage counselling, interference from friends and family members as well as poor communication among couples.
On the Copperbelt, the major causes of divorce included adultery and desertion.

*Southern Province* had 2,873 cases followed by Northern Province, which registered 2,142 cases.

The major cause of divorces in *Southern Province* was extra -marital affairs while the love for money and material things was the major cause of divorce in Northern Province.

*North-Western Province* recorded 1,652 cases with mistrust and poverty being the major causes.

*Luapula Province* had 1,281 cases with over-expectation from spouses being the major contributor to divorces in the region.

*Central Province* registered 888 cases of divorce with fear of contracting HIV from spouses being the main causes of divorce.

*Muchinga Province* had the lowest number of divorce cases at 750 mainly because of marital disputes.

Research indicates that divorced adults are more likely to become impoverished while their children experience psychological and economic stress which hinders their social development.

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