More than 30 workers in Kasempa lose jobs due to failure by PF to fund contractor, road works abandoned

Asphalt Roads Zambia Limited (ARZ), the  company contracted to upgrade township roads in Kasempa District of North Western Province has prematurely terminated contracts for more than 30 workers  due to erratic funding from the PF Government.

According to letters of termination seen by the Watchdog,  the workers have been sent home barely  two months after they signed a six month contract each.

ARZ officials complained that the Government had not given them the money to continue with the works so they had no but to terminate the contracts of most of their workers.

Works on many roads started in North Western Province have staled due to failure by the PF Government to fund the contractors.

The Company, which  started working on the roads has left the graded roads in a  worse situation as people have been left inhaling dust from the roads as the company could not even afford to water the roads.



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