More than 30 Zamtel workers lose jobs

Dear Editor
We appreciate your works,and you are our only voice please help us reach out this  message to all Zambians.Kind Regards


More than thirty qualified, disciplined and experienced Zamtel Zambian personnel have lost their jobs/employment with the company in unprofessional, heartless and inhumane circumstancies as no notice was given to all of the affected employees and their families through non renewal of employment/job contracts. Those affected include; Managers, Senior Engineers, Engineers, and Technicians. Now there are problems of repatriations, house rentals, transport, medical bills and utility bills as the pension/gratuity is yet not ready. At least Zamtel Management should have given the staff notice/warning even just one week, they could have prepared themselves. This is rainy season and it will be a dry Christmas for the affected staff.,

The whole exercise has been heavily characterized by personal vendettas at the expense of national development, economic progress and unity, settlement of personal scores and leadership incompetence of Chief Technical Officer Sydney Mupeta and his Senior Managers. This man might be skilled as an Engineer but was rushed for this position as he has exhibited incompetence of the highest order. On moral grounds let him resign (Ericsson please come get your Muppet show (Mr. Sydney Mupeta), we were much better without him, we don’t need comedy, we need to work).

It is clear that the Technical Director and his senior Managers did not have professional criteria to have a basis for their actions to throw away more than 30 people into the streets as the laid off staff were ALL performers and qualified. Sydney Mupeta has only been in Zamtel for 4 months and thus literally knows nothing about the company scale, its operations, its history, its organizational politics and its human capital hence he shouldn’t have allowed Senior Manager Jason Mwanza and Senior Manager Martin Chishala to mislead him, now Mupeta is lost hence our call for him to resign on principle. He should have waited just a little bit more, more all over this company was already doing better even without him at helm of Technical department but with these staff he has decided to lay off contrary to the our Patriotic Front manifesto of job creation. We challenge Sydney Mupeta to produce performance management contracts for all the affected staff and the whole world will know who is truthful and not vengeful.

As for Jason Mwanza senior Manager, ever since he started killing people whilst driving company Vehicles in drunken states, he vowed to deal with all those who condemn his irresponsible actions (drink, drive and murder) and he has indeed dealt with us by not recommending our employment contract renewal. Jason also gave instructions to have a Adsl internet service provided at Eve Banda former LAP green Director s residence on the Copperbelt without payment and without following procedures. All those who resisted to carry out this illegal action have been laid off.  As for Martin Chishala we don’t expect anything good/Positive from him he got the Senior Manager position through the window at night, he couldn’t even manage the back door, He is a personal copy and paste of Mr.Mupeta.

As Zambians lets put our country first, To run a parastatal like Zamtel, its Directors like Sydney Mupeta, Senior Managers like Jason Mwanza and Martin Chishala need to be professional, visionary, sound and secure and put aside nepotism, favoritism, personal relationships, connections and friendship aside when it comes to work related duties. Leaders in Mupeta s shoes need to unite and not divide, to build and not to destroy other peoples s careers, to motivate and to not to show off, to share their knowledge and not show off their knowledge, To correct and not to rebuke, to feel strengthened and not feel threatened, to be forgiving and not to be vengeful ,to inspire and not witch hunt, to train and not to dismiss/layoff, to help create jobs and not to recycle jobs.

For Zambia to develop we need human capital, lets harness and develop this human capital and not frustrate it but with Sydney Mupeta s pace and way of doing things we might lose this human capital and demotivate the remaining ones thus losing everything. Citizens of our beloved country ,lets all get involved and work with the Government of the day in helping the Patriotic Front Government realize its dreams and deliver on its promises, don’t only watch and wait to be affected ,it might be too late, Lets be both proactive and reactive. Join in stopping the madness in Zamtel Technical Department.                Zambia our home, Zambia our country and if we don’t apply our knowledge and talents to develop it who will do that for us and our future generation?.

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