More than 300 lose jobs as Zampost closes Bureau de change

The Zambia postal services corporation has closed down its Bureau de change resulting in more than 300 workers losing jobs.

ZamPost is facing collapse due to financial difficulties. On June 8, 2015 (this week) Post Master General McPherson Chanda told workers that their allowances would be cut and his salary suspended to save the corporation from collapsing.

Chanda said in his internal circular that Zampost’s main source of income dropped from K2.9 m in January 2014 to an average of K1.2 m per month in 2015.

What he did not say is that more than 300 workers who were manning the Bureau de change had already lost their jobs as the Bureau had been closed due to lack of business. Zampost bureau de change was established in 2003 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Zambia Postal Services Corporation. It was established to serve the needs of both domestic and foreign customers in the foreign exchange market.

When ZamPost appealed to government for assistance, the government advised it to retrench workers as a way of saving money.

For four years now, ZAMPOST workers have not had salary increments.

The government allocated K14 million in this year’s budget for the recapitalisation of the Zambia Postal Services Corporation (ZAMPOST). But it is not clear if ZamPost actually received the money or like most things in PF, it was just any ‘allocation’ on paper.

ZamPost is one of the cash cows used by PF to fund by-elections and other PF projects. The Post Master General McPherson Chanda is the elder brother of PF media director Sunday Chanda. Workers say he is grossly incompetent and has recruited relatives and PF cadres thereby negatively affecting the performance of the corporation.

Workers attribute the poor financial performance of ZamPost to the CEO’s incompetence and PF’s milking of the same. See here what we wrote about corruption at ZamPost last year.

Workers wonder how a good project like ‘Swift Cash’ could fail when newer, smaller and similar initiatives on the market are flourishing.

According to a Circular signed by the Post Master General McPherson Mumbi Chanda, Zampost is now surviving from car sales and DSTv commissions.

‘I must state that if it were not for the additional commission earnings from the new initiatives such as Car Sales, DSTV,Road Tax, Motor Vehicle Insurance .etc the Corporation could have most likely ground to a halt by now,’ Chanda told workers in his circular dated June 8, 2015.

In the Kenneth Kaunda era of UNIP, ZAMPOST was one company with ZAMTEL and was called Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (PTC). The MMD of late Fredrick Chiluba split PTC to create ZAMPOST and ZAMTEL.


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