More than 300 UTH casual workers fired


Over 300 UTH casual workers
have been laid off from work. The PF government of Edgar Lungu says that it has no money to pay them. It is surprising that over 300 families have been sacrificed over one person’s family.

The president just increased his salary recently and the total increase in his salary can pay over 450 causal workers. I used to think this man is humble but I think humbleness was mistaken for poverty and greed. What kind of leaders do we have in Africa that are so greed?…In Copperbelt my brother lost employment in the mines and I remained as the pillar of the family despite being a causal worker. Now I have equally lost employment.

Already the cost of living is very high. The employment that the PF promised the Zambian people is questionable. They have increased unemployment in the country.

Concerned Zambian

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