More than 50 KCM miners survive being sacrificed underground

More than 50 miners working for Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) Number Four Shaft in Chililabombwe survived death after being gassed underground by a burning cable which resulted in smoke engulfing the levels at which they were working.

The miners, who included KCM employees and contractors from various companies, were, however, evacuated to safety and subsequently admitted to Konkola Mine Hospital where they were being treated.

The accident occurred around 15:00 hours on Thursday leaving miners coughing while some complained of chest and head pains.

The miners were placed on drips and nil oral, which requires nonconsumption of food or liquids for 24 hours whilst being observed.

Davis Chikwamo, a Grinaker LTA Shift Boss, explained that the cable started burning at Number 4 Shaft’s level 1430 and the smoke spread to level 1390 and the ventilation shaft rendering the miners with nowhere to escape.

The hospital was thronged with relatives of the affected miners and it took alert security staff to keep vigil to prevent congestion in the wards.

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