More than 500 to lose jobs in Chililabombwe

More than 500 to lose jobs in Chililabombwe

CMC, the company that was
engaged by Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) to operate KCM’s shaft number 3 in Chililabombwe is in the process of sending upto 500 of its workers onto the streets

Due to konkola copper mines lack of payments the company has had financial Challenges in meeting its operational Costs and paying supplier’s and has opted to terminate the contract with the mining firm.
This has left More than 500 people without jobs in our already stressed job market and most of these people are from Chililabomwe were the Minister of Mines originates from.
All the Minister is Good for is being sarcastic and chasing after drunkard Women after cutting deals with the Chinese.

Can the president tell us if this is what he meant when he said he will create jobs, can he also tell us how special Kcm is for them to continue killing the Zambian economy..

Everything has time and yours will surely come and is fast approaching just like Robert Mugabe, Joseph kabila, idi Amin and all those who thought they were indispensable have left u too will leave and we shall face

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