More than six thousand to lose govt jobs

While the PF government, allied newspapers and hired mouths are condemning, intimidating and harassing KCM for laying off 1, 529 employees, the government is in the process of pruning 6, 000 workers.

An internal report Restructuring  compiled by cabinet office has recommended that 6, 066 workers be pruned from Provincial and District Administration offices.

The report was submitted to cabinet last month, September 2013. According to the report, the offloading of these government workers will result in effective operations and will save money.

Strangely, the report, titled ‘Restructuring Report for Provincial and District Administration’ actually established that Provincial and District offices are currently understaffed and generally inefficient.

This department currently has 10, 066 workers but the report has recommended that this number be cut to only 4000.

See the full report here Restructuring

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