More than 850 000 people read Zambian Watchdog last month

Established in September 2009, the Zambian Watchdog has continued leading online journalism in Zambia and favourably competing with traditional media.
The redership of the Watchdog has continued soaring with latest statistics showing that the pages of the Watchdog were  ‘scanned’ by readers more than six million times from March 22 to April 22, 2012.
Google Analytics shows that the number of people who visited the Watchdog in this period stood at 862,138. The number of unique visitors is not exactly accurate as it counts the IP addresses of users.
In a country like Zambia where most people visit the Watchdog from internet cafes (counted as one IP), the number is clearly much more than that. A huge chunk of readers of the Watchdog now use mobile phones and certain devices are not captured by analytics.
The Statics also show that the majority of people who read the Watchdog are based in Zambia, followed by UK, USA, South Africa, Nigeria and Botswana recorded a huge readership in this month.
At Watchdog, we are proud of these achievements scored in a very prohibitive, operating  environment. We are happy that even those who hate what we do with a passion are glued to our pages.
862,138 people visited this site
Visits: 3,564,531
Unique Visitors: 862,138
Pageviews: 6,646,791
Pages/Visit: 3.03
Avg. Visit Duration: 00:07:13
Bounce Rate: 34.79%
% New Visits: 12.90%
12.98%New Visitor113,401 Visits
87.02%Returning Visitor759,927 Visits
 Goal Conversion Rate

Source Goal Completions Goal Conversion Rate
There is no data for this view.

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