More than a year under PF: only 50 out of 379 pupils get space at Mutondo primary school

More than a year under PF: only 50 out of 379 pupils get space at Mutondo primary school

This is how learning under the '90 days' regime

We ask ourselves, if the PF could take the billions or just a quarter of those billions of money they are going to waste in the Mpongwe bye-election to Mutondo primary, how many of those little angels who have been denied school would be assured of a better tomorrow?

Only 50 pupils out of the 379 applicants have been picked to start grade one at Mutondo primary school in Lupososhi constituency of Luwingu district in the Northern Province next year.

Pythias Kanyanta, School head teacher told Lupososhi Member of Parliament Bwalya Chungu who visited the school yesterday that grade one enrolment was a major problem the school was facing due to dilapidated school infrastructure.

Mr Kanyanta said the school which is surrounded by many villages with youthful population eligible for grade one to grade seven could not absorb the number of applicants because of in adequate classroom space.

He said the school management has only picked 50 applicants out of the 379 to start grade one next year at Mutondo primary school in Senior Chieftainess Chungu of Abena Mukulu tribe.

Mr Kanyanta said his school which was established in 1926 by the coronial government is one of the oldest schools in the province but despite being old very little attention has been done toward rehabilitating it.

“Mutondo primary school was founded in 1926 and it is one of the oldest schools in Lupososhi constituency of Luwingu district and despite being old very little has been done concerning its development,” he lamented.

Mr Kanyanta also said the shortage of classroom blocks has been caused by the heavy rains which have damaged the old self help classroom blocks constructed in 1926 and 1967 respectively.

The school head teacher said the other 1×3 classroom block collapsed last year leaving the institution with a 2×2 classroom block whose roofing sheets were also blown off by heavy winds recently, forcing the management to be suspending classes when the area experience rainfall.

Mr Kanyanta said the enrolment of grade one pupils has gone down because of lack of class room space to adequately accommodate the pupils.

“We picked 50 grade one applicants to meet the number of classes at the school, there is need to upgrade this school to the level it was by constructing three more classroom blocks,” he added.

Mr Kanyanta further said that other grades were also over crowded making it difficult for teachers to make observation on every pupil.

He said water supply was also another challenge affecting the institution in the area, adding that the only well the school relied on dried many years, forcing pupils and teachers to draw water from a nearby lagoon.

Meanwhile, Mr Chungu said government through the ministry of education has released K50 million for construction of modern toilets at the institution.

And the community has urged government to consider providing enough funds for the construction of classroom blocks at the school other than releasing money for toilets.

The community residents told the area Member of Parliament Mr Chungu who visited the school that toilets were not an issue affecting the pupils at the school but the classroom block.

Mr Chungu also assured the community of government’s commitment towards improving school infrastructure in his constituency.

He said government has released funds to construct a modern girl’s boarding school in Chief Katuta’s area but said the school will be immaterial if parents continue marrying off their girl children at tender age.

Mr Chungu has appealed to parents to refrain from marrying off their children and encourage them to go school.

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