More than K6million found at Nsanda’s Mass Media residence

More than K6 million PF money (K6 billion old currency) plus an undisclosed amounts in US dollars and British Pounds cash has been found at the residence of late Willie Nsanda in Mass Media Area.

Nsanda, who personally installed Edgar Lungu using Pangas and later become Lungu’s campaign manager, was the Roads Development Agency (RDA) sole Board Chairperson.

Highly placed sources in both government and PF insiders have revealed the amounts which are three times the money found with former Labour Minister under the MMD, Austin Liato, when PF won elections in 2011.

There is panic with government wings and the family over Nsanda’s money that was found in trunks, carton boxes, and suitcases and some PF campaign materials such as vintenges.

President Lungu has equally been informed about the money but has ordered that the matter be handled quietly as it was a huge embarrassment to his party, government and his presidency.

Highly placed sources say both the PF and the family would like to conceal the amounts but at the same time Nsanda’s children are claiming the money is from their father’s businesses while the PF officials are claiming it was money Nsanda never remitted to the PF for campaigns.

At the height of PF succession wrangles, then Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili who is now the Information Minister revealed that he was aware of Nsanda’s dealings at RDA that’s why he (Nsanda) wanted someone like Lungu who was weak and would shield him from dirty dealings.

At one time, there was a suspicious break-in and robbery at the highly secured RDA offices situated just next to Police Headquarters, Cabinet Office and Office of the President Headquarters but to date no tangible evidence of the investigations have been revealed.

It is so far not clear where the money could have come from but all indications point to roads and other government constructions projects that have made the PF government bankrupt.

At the time of his death, Nsanda had just completed a filing station after airport road turn-off along Chongwe Road as well as a Shopping Mall and a mansion in the same area.

He moved to the new mansion in Mass Media Area not along ago and was basically staying alone.

He had also just put up a state-of-the-art plant for making empty bags off Mumbwa Road and was the sole supplier to Food Reserve Agency (FRA) and Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ).

RDA operated from State House despite many stakeholders questioning accountability and it is the same culture Lungu has so far inherited.

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