More tribalism exposed in PF, this time at PS level

More tribalism exposed in PF, this time at PS level


PF tribalism list continues:

Permanent Secretaries (PS). Defense Stardy Mwale Eastern/ Lamba.
Finance Mukuli Chikula and Dr. Pamu Mulenga (Northern)

Home Affairs Dr. Chileshe and Pamela Chibamba (Northen)

General Education Tikombe and Phiri (Northern and Eastern)

Higher Education Mabvuto Sakala (Eastern)

Commerce Kayula Siame(Muchinga/ Northern)

Information Godfrey Malama ( Northern)

Local government Amos Malupenga. (Central)

Infrastructure Charles Mushota (Luapula/ Northern) Works and Supply Agness Musunga

Sports Joe Kapembwa (Northern)

Mines Chanda (Northern)

Western province: Sibanze Simuchoba ( Tonga)

Southern province, Mwangala Liomba (Western)

Lands and Natural resources Trevor Kaunda (Northern)

Labour Banarby Mulenga ( Muchinga/ Northern

Agriculture Julius Shawa (Eastern)

Livestock Shamulenge (Northwestern)

Copperbelt Nundwe (Northern)

Northern Province Elias Kamanga (Eastern)

Muchinga Dr. Kalumba ( Northern)

Eastern Province Chanda Kasolo (Northern)

Central Chanda Kabwe (Northern)

Lusaka Charles Sipanje

National Planning Chabala(Northern)

Energy Emelda Chola (Northern)

Communication and Transport Misheck Lungu (Eastern)

Luapula Buleti Nsemukila (Luapula/ Northern)

Health ministry: Kennedy Malama Northern

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    mantisman 5 days ago


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    UN DIplomat(R) 1 week ago

    Then go to the judiciary too. You will see how rife tribalism is in this country. These tribalist  are not even qualified for discounts they cry and steal in abuse of state machinery. Lawyers crying and stealing our luxuries, which they cannot afford, but  they abuse the judiciary to illegally deprive us Diplomats. Tribalism is now a disease in Zambia and it must be shamed at an international tribunal.  

    I am sickened of tribalism in Zambia. Barotseland needs self determination, we cannot continue working for illiterates who mob and manipulate and steal from us,M because they are corrupt and banditry oriented. I didn’t work for the Un to unjustly enrich shameful tribalist whose lust is like for dogs,M that when they saw me join the Un, they mob me and make me their economic venture. Predators. Look at them.. Kaibile Nyoko… Not me, bandits 

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    When there are more northeners and easteners in govt it becomes tribalism why?southerners kip singing tribalism simply because their voting pattern proves their hunger for leadership which they cant attain.

    Next elections.northerners and easteners shall adopt the same voting pattern then you shall sing another chorus.

    Change your the way who gets more basaries  easteners or southerners kapena northeners?

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    shu shu shu 2 weeks ago

    This is a major problem with tongas. Obsession with tribe

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    kazeya 2 weeks ago

    The problem we have in Zambia is that we would rather be poor as long as my tribesmate is in a position authority “tuleteka”!,now this God hates.God can not command a blessing where there is this sin of TRIBALISM.God can not be mocked,what one sows that he shall reap!.If Zambia sows tribalism,them we shall reap poverty!

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    Dangote 2 weeks ago

    Tribalism is also in the pattern that the complainant votes

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    Lipkwa 2 weeks ago

    Shamulenge is not from Northwestern province.

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    Yande mweetwa 2 weeks ago

    I meant to write all people serving in foreign missions .

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    Yande mweetwa 2 weeks ago

    They are busy blaming Chief Mukuni, as been tribalist. Is Chief Mukuni in Government? 
    Can I Also ask Zambia Watchdog to list names of people and province where they come from? It will be the same partn as those for PS. Even Rupiah Banda was good, when it comes to employment. He was not segregative.
    Nomba ba Koswe aba.
    Let the world see, who is tribalist in all this.

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      sipinya sa ng'aka 2 weeks ago

      The world doesn’t care as long as you keep mining and giving them copper. Disturb that then they will listen! 

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    Jordan kabinga 2 weeks ago

    Central, Nothing.
    Can I ask Sunday nangula Monday Chanda, to tell me who is tribalist in all this? 

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    Chilyata 2 weeks ago

    Southern, Western, Central and North Western provinces better plan better. The PF thugs have turned Zambia into lawlessness LIKE DRC! They better get a plan B because they are marginalised, discriminated against and segregated by PF.