More UPND senior members quit citing corruption

UPND Monze district chairman Boongo Namitondo has with other five senior party officials resigned from the opposition citing corruption and undemocratic tendencies during and after the party’s
adoption process.
In a letter addressed to the provincial executive committee chairperson, Namitondo says corruption levels in the UPND have reached an irreversible stage.
“I wish to state that corruption and undemocratic tendencies as exhibited during the adoption of both local government and the National Assembly representatives has encouraged me to leave the party
have helped to build in since its inception, because I detest acts of untruthfulness,” the later stated.
Namitondo said that it was clear now that the future of the UPND was at the verge of collapsing because the leadership of the party has been compromised to the extent of failing to organize and restore
“I don’t want to associate myself with corruption and its elements, I abhor corruption and other vices that has seen our party lose grip even in areas where winning was clear just during the adoption but
this time around things have changed, we have to fight hard to win any seat including local government ones,” he said.

But the UPND has accused President Rupiah Banda of being the one promulgating corruption in the country’s electoral process
Speaking during a special programme on Monze’s SKY Fm radio this morning, Mweetwa who is also UPND Choma central constituency aspiring candidate, said the ruling Movement For Multi-party Democracy (MMD) has embraced corrupt elements in its campaign.
“It is sad that President Banda has clearly shown his desperation of wanting to cling on to power by buying people in the Southern province, we know as a party that MMD is dishing out huge amounts of
money to destabilize the UPND using senior UPND officials and this seems to work well for the MMD but we have to however tell President Banda that people of this province are not for sell and they know what they should do on the 20th September,” he said.
He said the defections reported in the province were as a result of money being flushed by the MMD.
“We know that even these independent Members of Parliament aspiring candidates have been sponsored by the MMD to split the UPND votes but we have to honestly tell the MMD leadership that it is a fallacy for MMD and President Banda to think that this province can be bought just
like that, Southern province from the time of Andy Mazoka has been UPND and will continue to remain UPND,” he said.
Mweetwa also expressed disappointment over the conduct by some former UPND members who were not adopted but decided to go independent, saying they were busy campaigning for President Banda.
Mweetwa however, was quick to assure the people of the province that UPND was still intact and will retain all seats during next month ‘selections.

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