More vote diplomats brought in

More vote diplomats brought in


The PF has continued bringing back civil servants they had sent in the diplomatic missions to beef up their campaigns, especially the propaganda machinery which is chaired by Information and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga.

Huzaifa Jada (in the photo) PF ambassador to Saudi Arabia has also been brought back and is a key key person in the rigging. Jada is coordinating a lot of corrupt activists.

So far Emmanuel Mwamba and Anthony Mukwita have been in the country, but now with pressure mounting, they have recalled First Press Secretaries from Zambian Missions abroad namely Warren Simwaka (USA) and Bangwe Naviley (India) to reinforce the media team. Jerry Munthali from Turkey is also coming.

The team comprises others like Amos Chanda who is the deputy together with Emmanuel Mwamba. Others are State House Permanent Secretary Christy Kalulu, ZNBC news editor Kennedy Bwalya, State House political adviser Chris Zumani Zimba, PF Media Director Antonio Mwanza and some Tanzanian nationals.

Apparently State House Press Aide Isaac Chimpampe has been sidelined in all these evil schemes and is not even part of their WhatsApp group and meetings they hold at their Ibex Hill offices where they determine which stories to approve for news on ZNBC, Daily Mail and Times of Zambia government media houses.

At their offices are lots of phone handsets labelled according to Provinces where PF identified callers pretend to be calling from various places in the country are lined up for calling Radio and television stations despising the opposition.

They use fake names to call Radio and television stations and also use fake Facebook accounts of names mainly from regions they perceive are aren’t PF.

While they are all gathered here and getting government salaries, works in their government offices here and outside is suffering.

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