More voters rejected PF in Lubansenshi

Dear Editor,
Kindly post for me this analysis. It seems PF had invested a lot of money in the past by elections and are literally not pleased with the outcome. If my figures are right, approximately K2 million kwacha was disbursed for the Lubansenshi by election. According to sources so far, even the outcome was not impressive as their focus was bent on vote buying and discrediting Mucheleka because of his associating with HH and GBM.They really wanted a better margin than they got not forgetting the fact that they were buying out voters. On their worries is the total number of people who rejected their candidate in spite of huge injection of cash and tribal talk by people like Bwalya Frank and Sikazwe.From the results, its certain that a lot of people rejected PF, plus the addition of new voters this year, the tables may turn around as there is no further indication of any meaning investment for this area in the foreseeable future. Unless money is diverted, from the ministry of finance, even the next budget is already a headache as growth is expected to be below 4% and a lot of projects are pending. Civil servants also are expecting salary increments. There is total chaos at the moment. The only tool which seems to be selling in the northern part though it is largely loosing relevance is the tribal politics .From this simple analysis, one can read between the lines.
UPND                …….. ……1895
MMD                  ……………. 479
RP                       ………..… 200
5037 said NO to PF and YES to change .Those who said YES to PF are 4879 and those who said NO are 5037. There is no Stronghold for PF anymore, pf is just doing better in these areas n’ better is not GOOD enough for a strong hold.
NB: Senior PF sources, are fully aware of this threat. Its no longer about their numbers but the number of people working against them and who could easily unity against them.
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