Moses Katumbi in Mfuwe to meet president Lungu

Moses Katumbi in Mfuwe to meet president Lungu

Democratic Republic of Congo Katanga Region governor Moses Katumbi has arrived t Lungu in Mfuwe to meet president Edgar.

President Lungu is meeting all sorts of crooks in Mfuwe from all over the world, especially West Africa, China and Kenya. He is selling government contracts.

Katumbi may fly in today Monday.



Moses Katumbi has been in trouble with the Zambian government before under Levy Mwanawasa due to his criminal activities with late president Fredrick Chiluba.

During Mwanawasa’s time, the Zambian government tried to arrest Katumbi but he fled the country. The Task Force on Corruption instead confiscated Katumbi’s property, which they suspected were proceeds of crime. But when Rupiah Banda took over, he handed back some of the property to Katumbi after receiving bribes for himself and his sons.

Among the property Rupiah Banda returned to Katumbi was a trunk of emeralds worth US$214,223.60.

Katumbi was pursued by the Task Force on Corruption in connection with a series of cases involving properties such as MCK dump mining trucks on the Copperbelt, Mansa Milling, Tamba Bashila, among others.

The Task Force conducted criminal investigations pertaining to Katumbi’s involvement in the K53 billion maize deal part of which was diverted for Katumbi’s private use.

Some of the criminal charges were that Katumbi diverted K17.2 billion to refinance Tamba Bashila and Chani Fisheries of which he was the owner.

The Task Force also wanted Katumbi in respect of the arms deal case known then as the B.K. Facility in which the Zambian government lost approximately US $20 million for arms supply contracts which was never honoured.

But unfortunately Mwanawasa died and came in Rupiah Banda who decided to drop the cases and refund the suspect. Katumbi was dealing with Xavior Chungu, the former director of the Zambian intelligence.

This is the man president Lungu is expected to host at Mfuwe.

Katumbi, Mulenga Sata and one of Rupiah Banda’ sons made late president Michael Sata sign some deals on his deathbed in London.

Katumbi is also preparing to challenge Joseph Kabila as president of Congo, according to intelligence reports.

Katumbi landed in Mfuwe at 10 hours local time and was met by Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda.


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