Moses Katumbi funds Christine Kaseba

Moses Katumbi funds Christine Kaseba

Former first lady Christine Kaseba, the most likely candidate for the PF, is receiving Millions of dollars for her campaigns for the January 20 polls from Katanga province governor Moses Katumbi, sources close to the Kaseba family have disclosed.

A person familiar with the move told the Watchdog that Katumbi is comfmoise_katumbiortable with Kaseba taking over as he could easily control her so as to expand his businesses in Zambia. During the Fredrick Chiluba, Katumbi was engaged in all sorts of questionable business ventures in Zambia.

“Just last week (When she announced her candidature), she got US$3 million and some more funds will be given to her soon. Katumbi wants Christine to take over. As a family at first we thought he would support Mulenga but to our surprise he is supporting the first lady,” said the source.

Three days before Sata died, Katumbi, Mulenga Sata and another Zambian held a meeting in London.

“From what I hear, the governor is prepared to pump in US$10 million. This election is going to be expensive as business people are funding various political parties,” he said


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