Mosho accused of stealing money for ex- Post workers

As a former Post Newspapers employee its with a very heavy heart that i share this information with the public.Despite the many years that have gone by (3 years plus)since the closure of the company todate,he the liquidator has continued to do things at snail speed in as far as clearing our arrears is concerned .We know company assets were sold but for some reason,the man continues to sit on our money.Iv chosen social media to present this issue since hes never at the office to give us any audience.He always gives excuses saying we’re not united hence the delay.Now i wonder if its normal for him to want to be reminded of something he knows he has to do.Some of our colleagues have passed away without getting their hard earned money. Its about time this man took things seriously.We worked for that money and we need it like yesterday.
Very Annoyed former employee

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