Mosho, PACRA steal Gemcanton shares using judge

Mosho, PACRA steal Gemcanton shares using judge


Notorious lawyer Lewis Mosho and emeralds criminal Abdoulaye Ndiaye known as Gunase have managed to secretly steal all the shares of Israeli billionaire Lev Leviev in Gemcanton in corroboration with PACRA.

The two went before Ndola High Court Judge Chembe and connived with PACRA who were Respondent in the matter to have the shares of the Israeli forfeited by consent of the two. Shockingly, the owners of the shares in the mine were not part of the case or indeed served with any documents but the judge still signed the suspicious order.

“The Respondent (PACRA) is hereby ordered to register the forfeiture of shares held by Frango Finance Limited in the 1st Applicant company (Gemcanton)” the Consent Order read signed by PACRA and Mosho firm, Lewis Nathan and Advocates.

Mosho is an expert in fake liquidation and the theft of shares and currently is facing trial in court for theft of Shoprite Supermarkets shares, which he used to mange on a broker.

The consent order has raised concern of huge corruption at PACRA as Mosho chola-boy, George Kanja is also Board member and deputy chairman of PACRA.

Mosho and Kanja were the two lawyers who did the fake liquidation of the Post newspaper using similar tactics of getting specific judges to sign consent orders. Fred Mmembe was never heard by any judge just like the Israelis in this case.

Last week, Mosho also obtained another dubious order from the Kitwe High Court in which he placed the Israeli company , Frango in liquidation when the company is based in BVI and has no offices or operations in Zambia.


For now, Gunase is owning Gemcanton shares alone even though the same matter is before the high court in zambia. Gunase is also expected to pay the Israeli 50million dollars he got for the purchase of emeralds but failed to deliver. The court in UK has since issued an international warrant for the seizure of Gunase properties around the world.


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