Mosho, the Lawyer liquidating Post newspaper grabs vehicles from employees

Mosho, the Lawyer liquidating Post newspaper grabs vehicles from employees

Lewis Mosho

Lewis Mosho

Well known Lusaka based thief Lewis Nathan Mosho has grabbed personal to holder vehicles from employees of The Post newspaper, the people he claimed he wanted to help get benefits.

Mosho, originally from Zimbabwe, caused himself to be ‘appointed’ provisional liquidator to wind up the Post newspaper on the pretext that he wanted to help employees receive their benefits. The truth is that the Lusaka lawyer was motivated by hatred for the Post newspaper for exposing and cataloguing his various corrupt practices.

As provisional liquidator Mosho, who was once arrested for stealing Shoprite shares but bribed his way to freedom, holds custody and control of all the assets of the Post Newspaper.

Some Post newspaper employees including ungrateful journalists such as Abel Mbozi were used by the PF and Mosho to apply for winding up of the Post. Abel Mbozi was fired by the PF from the Times of Zambia in 2012 but Fred M’membe gave him a job when it mattered most and saved him from starving. But like Judas Iscariot, it was Mbozi to lead other employees to betray M’membe by joining hands with enemies of the Post and have the company that has been feeding him closed.

But now Mosho, in the photo, has betrayed Post newspaper workers as well. Instead of paying them whatever they claim they had been owed by the newspaper, Mosho has now grabbed even the cars M’membe so generously gave them even when some of them did not even deserve bicycles.

‘They are owed salaries, pensions and other entitlements and should have been allowed to keep these cars. So then in whose interest was The Post liquidated if the employees who sued are losing their cars today?’ Asked a government source.

The people who were used to petition the High Court are Andrew Hebert Chiwenda, Roy Habaalu, Bonaventure Bwalya, Mwendalubi Mwene and Abel Mbozi who proposed the winding up of the business to enable them obtain their dues.

Another source explained that, of those four who were used only one, Andrew Chiwenda, was a manager and had a car, which he handed over and is also on the list to be handed over to Mosho within the next two days.

The source said when those four sued for liquidation under the instigation of the PF, Mosho said the interests of the employees was going to be looked at first.

‘But right now that’s not the case. Employees who never resigned and were working up to the day or liquidation and are owed months of salaries plus benefits and leave days have not been paid anything and are now being asked to hand over cars instead of either letting them have the cars or paying them their money first’.

That is Mosho. He has never been honest. Most of the money that will be realised by selling Post assets will go to him as legal fees and he will sell the assets to his friends at give away prices then pocket the difference.

Moreover, Mosho is breaking the law with impunity. The thief was only appointed as provisional liquidator not substantive or real liquidator.

He was appointed in a exparte order, that is, without the Post or other interested parties being heard by the court. The interparte hearing, where the Post and anyone with interest should have been heard, has not taken place but Mosho is finalising the process of winding up the Post.

Why is the High Court not convening an Interparte hearing so that individuals with objections as to why Mosho is unsuitable to be appointed liquidator of the Post can also be heard?

It looks like the the judge in the case has been allowing preliminary issues to delay proceedings so that Mosho can finish winding up the paper.

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